Lumbar Five
roots rock with a world beat
      Real music for real people.

About the band
About the music
Kathy Veazey and John Rawlston started Lumbar Five in 2001, but they had known each other much longer than that.

Kathy has been a fixture in the Chattanooga music scene since the 1970's, performing solo or featured with a number of different bands, playing everything from old-time acoustic to blues and funk, writing her own songs all that time. John played for a decade with genre-bending band Ain't Yo Mama, finding his voice in a band that mixed original music with a baffling variety of cover tunes.

Kathy and John enlisted AYM bassist Nick Honerkamp, who enlisted Pool drummer John Wilson, and the band began playing shows around the Chattanooga area. Matt Turnure replaced John Wilson on drums, and the Lumbar Five began work on their first CD, "Ask Your Doctor If It's Right For You." The band began playing dates around the region in addition to all around the Chattanooga area. Kofi Mawuko joined the group, then Jo Whitaker replaced Matt on drums in 2008, halfway through the recording of the band's second CD, "Second Opinion," released in 2010.

The songs keep flowing and the band keeps on rocking.
Lumbar Five features the songwriting of Kathy Veazey, a powerful, soulful vocalist who plays keyboard and guitar. John Rawlston plays guitar, sings, and writes songs, too. Nick Honerkamp plays bass and sings. Kofi Mawuko sings and plays drums made in his home country of Ghana. Jo Whitaker, who has spent a career playing drums in jazz and progressive rock groups, brings both sensibilities to the mixture.

The blend of musicians creates a genre of its own, somewhere between soulful rock and jazzy blues -- with a world beat. Kathy's voice is a force of nature, while the boys provide harmonies and a change of pace. The whole thing is infectious and inspiring, and a whole lot of fun.

These things are likely to happen during a Lumbar Five show: Kathy will reach back and find another gear, and heads will turn. We call it a "Kathy Moment." John will rip out a guitar solo with a twist that will surprise you. Nick will deliver a song with such gusto, it will bring a smile to your face. Jo will lay down the foundation that gets you moving and brings it all together. And Kofi will take over the house and get everybody going.

Three ways we perform
Lumbar Five
Kathy and John
Lumbar Five rocks the house. We are a five-piece band ready to travel. To book the band, contact John Rawlston at
The three best female vocalists in Chattanooga, with a little help from their old pal John Rawlston. To book Sistren, contact Kathy Veazey at
Kathy Veazey and John Rawlston also perform as a duo. Kathy and John often perform at intimate venues such as restaurants, coffeehouses, house concerts, etc.